Saturday, December 09, 2006

many laughs...

I love the Onion as it never fails to make me smile. Perhaps that's a conditional love, but I can live with that. Today, the headline reads, "Egyptian Conservationalists Fight to Protect Dwindling Mummy Population" and the subsequent picture is as follows. Simply classic. There's some other winners up too so check them out.

Employment trends have continued as I am now a warehouse technician at Griffin Technologies here in Nashville. They are kind enough to let me work when I want and take off whenever I need which is extremely fortunate. This means I no longer sit at my computer all day but I can live with this. Today, however, is Saturday and I'm hanging out with childhoon companion Hunter who, sadly, was up all night with food poisoning and is now sleeping so I'm watching Street Fighter. I'd say this is a top three videogame turned movie, but not nearly as good as Mortal Kombat or, dare I say it, Resident Evil. I'm still amazed that these games have back stories. Cheers!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm in heaven. Okay, not exactly, but I am in the heavenly bed at the Westin in Charlotte. The beds and showers here are both second to none and I consider myself grateful. I've spent the last couple of days working for Media Shout at the Youth Specialties convention here and it's certainly quite the departure from my routine. Having done the whole music thing for a while, it's strange representing a company, working in sales, and presenting myself in a more professionaly and less artistic manner. I'm enjoying it but simply because it's not a desk job but rather an out of town event in which I get to stay in a nice hotel and interact with a lot of friendly people; I like nice people. I'd still rather keep doing what I'm doing.

I can't say I've been up to a whole lot otherwise. I had a nice thanksgiving with my family and with Sarah's family. I'm extremely grateful the air is turning cold, that the leaves are almost fallen. I love the winter. It's getting late and I have to get up in less than five hours to head to the airport so I best get going to bed. I know I said a while back, for those who still follow this, that I was writing a blog about the trip I took to California. I really will finish it, I promise. I'm just not taking much time to blog these days, not like I used to, but hopefully that will change. Cheers!