Monday, June 25, 2007


I just finished reading this book: The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon (pronounced Shea as in stadium and bon as in Bon Jovi). Chabon has been my favorite novelist since I finished his brilliant homage to writer's block that is Wonder Boys, also a terrific movie starring Michael Douglas, Toby MacGuire, and Francis McDormand. The book, a straight ahead detective mystery, is at times historical fiction, humor and romance and extremely enjoyable to read. Chabon is a winner of the Pulitzer Prize and none of his masterful structure and syntax is sacrificed for a mystery but rather demands the book be read at a pace where both the writing and the details of the plot can both be enjoyed simultaneously. This is first rate fiction and modern literature by one of the best contemporary writers around.

The book while set in the present day centers around a little known piece of American history. During World War 2, the American government devised a plan to create a temporary settlement in the Alaskan panhandle for the millions of Jews worldwide who were being forced from their homes. This was called Sitka and while this obviously never happened the book presupposes that it did. Fast forward to 2007 and 3 million Jews live in Sitka and everyone is facing deportation as the American government is reverting the land back to the state of Alaska. Detective Meyer Landsman finds a man murdered in the the hotel where he presently lives and while the plot never strays from this mystery, the sheer depth, surprise, and intrigue of the story matches no mystery and few books I have ever read. The Yiddish Policemen's Union could have been twice the length of its 400 pages and I would not have cared. I'm almost sorry I finished it.

I hope everyone has a nice week ahead of them. Cheers!

Monday, June 11, 2007

my dad has a blog!

The man who brought me into this world has decided to share his deep wisdom on all things spiritual with any willing reader. Please follow the link on the right and check it out! He's awesome, and smart, and an excellent writer. Cheers!

Friday, June 01, 2007

for the love!

I am a bit out of the loop these days, I cannot say by accident, and I suppose it's time for a little update. For you students of the Myers-Briggs school of thought, I am an INFP, a label I carry with pride for a variety of reasons; you may google it if you like. A primary manifestation of my personality is a need for solitude, a need I have felt to a larger degree over the last few weeks or maybe even months. I have not taken much joy in blogging, parties or other large social gatherings. Sarah and my roommates have been getting the bulk of my time, small gatherings all I seem to have the social energy for. I'm not sure why I've felt this way of late but I just have. I am reading and playing guitar more than I have in a long time which is certainly nice though I apologize if I have seemed distant. I've needed these last few weeks.

Gigs are more scarce this summer than the last though the past few weeks have been slammed as the next couple will be. I'm busy though it's hard sometimes to remember what all is going on. I've once heard my dad comment he's worried about his memory. I think it's hereditary though I don't think it's anything to worry about. I don't work at Griffin anymore and though I am more strapped for cash than before I am grateful as the mounting aches of tendonitis seem to have disappeared along with the constant tearing, folding, and taping of boxes. I enjoy the people there but it keeps me from playing in terms of both time and physical discomfort. I can also meet Sarah for lunch now which I've always enjoyed.

And speaking of Sarah we've been dating for over a year now! Much to the dismay and joy of long-time friends and relatives we are beating the odds. Because of Sarah I am now enjoying the presence of Sirius satellite radio in my car. These past few days I have wondered how I ever lived without it and am increasingly finding reasons to drive. If you've been sitting on the fence, gazing into the greener pastures of commercial-free radio and its nation-wide coverage of dozens upon dozens of niche music and talk stations, I encourage you to proceed.

I went to a movie yesterday in a desperate need to get out of the house and found my way into Hot Fuzz, which was FREAKING AWESOME! I've wanted to see it for over two months now and just haven't made it yet. My Regal Crown Club card provided me with a free popcorn and I had the theater to myself. This is my favorite way to see a movie I've been waiting a long time for and the next two hours were some of the most fun I've spent in a theater in a long time. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's the new movie from Edgar Wright, the clever Brit who brought us Shawn of the Dead (one of my very favorite movies) and the fake trailer for Don't!!! in the Grindhouse intermission.

Containing much of the cast of Shawn, the story centers around Nick Angel, a hero cop from London who is transfered to a small village in the country because he's making the rest of the London metropolitan police look bad. He's obviously over-qualified and motivated with his by-the-book style for the demands of the small utopian town. His partner, an imature oaf named Danny, is a die hard fan of sensational cop films like Point Break and Bad Boys II and wants to live out his movie fantasies but new partner Angel hates guns and has unfortunately never fired one in slow motion while diving through the air. The job mostly consists of chasing pets around until a string of grizzly murders no one is willing to talk about threatens the sleepy utopia. Will Angel solve the crime? Will he gain the favor of the neighborhood watch association? Will he ever learn to fire his gun while turned doughnuts in a high speed pursuit? Only time will tell. Hot Fuzz is exciting, well-acted, and absolutely hilarious. Only a Brittish film could be this funny and this self-aware without resorting to cheap humor. Go see it.

I no longer make promises to blog because I am a liar. I do hope to finish writing and blogging about my trip to Africa as well as post some pictures. I'm also re-building my pedal board which may get a post as well. And speaking of building, I've decided to build an amplifier this summer, a replica of a late '60's Marshall 1987x Plexi. I'll be sure to post when I start. I hope all is well and I hope someone still reads this. Thanks for checking in. Cheers!